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Mangaung Intermodal Transport Facility

Client: Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality
Location: Bloemfontein, Free State
Size: Phase I: 13 728m² Phase II: 48 984m²

The brief demanded the design of a facility which will link all modes of public transport. A much needed transport hub for a rapidly growing infrastructure.

Practicality was the main catalyst for the design as it needed to be durable and accommodate maximum number of minibus taxis. Phase I caters for long haul taxis and Phase II for short distance taxis, meter taxis, long haul coaches, local bus liners and trains. A retail component as well as hawking facilities was added to generate funding for maintenance. The brutalist design style reflects the building’s durability and displays a sense of permanence in contrast to the traditional steel canopy taxi rank.

Material choice was influenced by the historic Bloemfontein Power Station which has an encompassing presence as a backdrop as well as other historically important surrounding structures.

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