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Frances Baard

Client: Frances Baard District Municipality
Location: Kimberley, Northern Cape
Size: 2 303m┬▓

The client needed more space and their own venue for political administration and council meetings. This had to be linked with the general administration of the municipality yet still act as a separate entity.

The building is split into two distinct functions each with its own form. To the front a drum and square house the main public circulation and council chambers with the council offices and conference rooms situated towards the back in a strong rectangular shape. Thus a formalist character is achieved that can act as object and symbol for the Frances Baard District Municipality. Certain elements have been used to bring in a dynamic twist to the design and symbolize a type of political transparency and interaction between public and politics. Strong elements such as curved staircases and hanging slabs articulate spaces made soft by indirect light to create a simple but effective atmosphere. Various passive modes of climate control are used in the design. Concrete roofs with large overhangs and small window openings ensure for better climate control in the Northern Cape extremes.

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